Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd award the title of “Top 100 Sinopec Industry Suppliers in 2017”




 In September 13th-15th of 2017, “The Second Term Petroleum and Chemical Industry Procurement Conference” was held in the Binhai New District of Tianjin. The sponsor Federation of petroleum and chemical industry suppliers working committee award “Top 100 Sinopec Industry Suppliers”, Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co.,Ltd(Short as HTC) is one of the top ten mechanical equipment.



It’s the first selection of the federation of the petroleum. The purpose is to promote the petroleum industry quality, asset a model in the quality of service and the market competitiveness.
There are three characteristics:

1.Classify suppliers according to supply chain include in the mechanical equipment, static equipment, electronic instruments, metallic material, engineering, technology, environmental protection, security, informatization and logistics. Appraise and elect 10 suppliers in each category.

2.Select the best one not the big one. The selection highlights practicability and performance price ratio included in the overall strength, control of the quality, market performance and the credit approval, in total of 28 indicators.

3.High degree of market acceptance. Candidate firms are recommended by industry association and the owner. Leaders of the petroleum federation serve as the leader of the jury and invite some renowned experts and introduce the Wechat voting.
From April 2017, it takes half year to confirm the final list after recommendation, primary selection and publicity. Our company stand out from hundreds of enterprises relies on the strong strength and extensive recognition. It reflects our leading level and the enterprise honor.