The 100 thousand cubic meters air separation and air compression unit of HTC passed the expert evaluation






In October 25th, “the Shenning Group 4 million tons per year demonstration project of indirect coal liquefaction - the Industrial operation review board of the domestic 100 thousand cubic meters air separation and air compression unit” co-chaired by the China Federation of machinery industry and the China General Machinery Industry Association was held in Ningxia. Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co.,Ltd (short as HTC) as one of the research and development unit was invited to attend. HTP: General manager Mr.Yan Jianhua, HTC: Vice general manager Mr.Kong Jianqiang, vice chief engineer Mr.Hu Hailiang attend the meeting. National Energy Bureau, China Federation of machinery industry, the China General Machinery Industry Association, expert review group, Shenning Group, Hang Yang Co.,Ltd, SBW, HTC and users representatives in total of 120 persons attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the president of the China General Machinery Industry Association Huang Li.


Mainly listen the research and operation report of Shenning Group, HTC, Hang Yang Co.,Ltd, SBW in the meeting and the expert group conduct the review. The experts agreed that the research of the domestic 100 thousand cubic meters air separation and air compression unit is a success, which fills the gap in China and broke the monopoly of the large air separation unit and air compressor. It’s another breakthrough in the localization of China’s major equipment with an advanced level technology performance. It can meet the needs of the 100 thousand cubic meters air separation in large coal chemical industry, petroleum and metallurgical industries.
This marks China’s domestic air separation equipment officially entered the 100 thousand grade Era. It also means that the design and manufacturing level of the steam turbine has reached the international first class.


The chief inspector Li Zhi congratulated the successful jury and show appreciation of the strength of the Hang Yang Co.,Ltd, SBW and HTC. He emphasize that the 100 thousand cubic meters air separation is the first unit in China, it’s also in a leading position in the international market and reached world class. He pointed that HTC, Hang Yang and SBW made a great contribution in the localization of energy equipment and show the design and manufacturing capabilities of the national enterprises. He hopes that three companies keep the technology leading and localization the air separation. Occupy domestic and foreign markets; show the “Great Powers” to the world.


The Mr.Yan Jianhua expresses the gratitude to leaders, experts and Shenning Group. He emphasizes that the 100 thousand cubic meters air separation is a major product development project of HTC. The project team design and manufacture elaborately. HTC, Hang Yang Co.,Ltd and SBW work together to overcome difficulties. He also pointed that HTC will perfected the product module serialization and standardization. And form a complete the steam turbine atlas for industrial drives, offer better services to users.


The review results are not only the recognition of the past achievement, but also the encouragement for the future. The 100 thousand cubic meters air separation lasted four years until now, we overcome difficulties and get achievements. Our company will develop step by step, use the superb technical level, and contribute our power to the rise of “The pillars of a great power”.