In order to ensure the smooth operation of steam turbines and the long-term stable operation of the units, Hangzhou Turbine Power Group Co., Ltd.has equipped you with a professional after-sales service team, with nearly 100 experienced service personnel, including 8 senior engineers, 5 senior technicians and more than 50 engineers, to provide on-site installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, remote monitoring and technical support of steam turbines for users. The professional service personnel provide customers with 7 x 24 hours all-weather service, and respond quickly to customer service needs in more than 40 countries around the world with technical support.

In view of the unit problems found during installation, commissioning and operation, customers can contact us by telephone, mail and fax for analysis. It is worth mentioning that with the support of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Group, a professional manufacturer of steam turbines, gas turbines, marine steam turbines and nuclear power emergency pump steam turbines, the company has established a remote monitoring and fault diagnosis center. Through the technical details and excellent professional fault diagnosis personnel of all kinds of mechanical equipment manufacturing and design problems, we can provide a comprehensive solution to all kinds of on-site problems. HTC can provide users with one-stop solutions from equipment monitoring, fault diagnosis, on-site maintenance, spare parts support and so on. HTC can guarantee and solve any problems in the whole life cycle of equipment in an all-round and most convenient way, and provide strong on-site and remote technical support for customers, so as to discover machine problems at the first time, and put forward countermeasures to solve the user's urgent need.

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. after-sales service has always been committed to lowering the installation cost of users' equipment to the lowest level on the premise of guaranteeing the installation quality of units, lowering the losses caused by equipment failures to the lowest level, creating good economic benefits for users, maintaining the market brand image of HTC, and becoming a solid guarantee for users to choose HTC Products at ease.

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