Steam Turbine  

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd (as known as HTC), we have been offering Reaction Principle Building Block System steam turbine solution over 40 years.



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HTC has established the leading position of enterprises in the field of research and development and manufacture of industrial steam turbines with variable speed and variable operating conditions in China. 

Also, HTC has established itself in the advanced product in global market.

Up to now Biggest industrial steam turbine manufacturer in China


Company’s share listing

Company’s stock officially listed on Shenzhen stock exchange. 
Stock code “200771”.


Signing of the First Technical Cooperation Contract for Introducing

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Factory and Siemens signed a contract on "Industrial Steam Turbine License and Technical Secret", which opened the prelude to the introduction of Siemens Three Series Industrial Steam Turbine Technology. After that, total 3 cooperation contracts had been signed every 10 years.


Established Hangzhou Steam Turbine Works (HTW)

First steam turbine with capacity of 750kW had been successfully produced and operated.

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