The lathe skill master studio of Shi Mingwei obtain a district level title





In the morning of October 13th, the Hangzhou skill competition of the maintenance electrician and the awarding ceremony of the skill master studio “The artisan of Xiacheng District” were held in the Hangzhou Light Industry technology Institute. Some leaders such as the deputy district head of Xiacheng District Chen Zhi and the division head of the Professional capacity building Department of the Human social security bureau Luo Jinlun attend the meeting; the Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co.,Ltd (Mr. Shi Mingwei) was also invited to attend. Leaders award the medal to the first three “The artisan of Xiacheng District” skill master studio in the opening ceremony. The lathe skill master studio of Shi Mingwei which was founded in this year promotes to a district level studio and starts a deeper constructive period.