The second technology transfer agreement Between HTC and SIEMENS




 In August 17th, the Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co.,LTD (Short as HTC ) chairman Mr. Zhen Bin lead to the SIEMENS Turbine Manufacturing Co,.Ltd in Sweden and accomplish the final negotiation and sign of the technology transfer agreement with SIEMENS. Accompanied by Vice-general manager Mr. Zhang Shutan, the executive director of the central research institute Mr. Song Siyuan, the deputy chief engineer and the minister of the Gas Turbine Engineering Manager Mr. Lin Zhangxin and some relevant salesman. The general manager of the SIEMENS Mr. Hans Hormstrom, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Henry Fordell, vice president of the SIEMENS China Energy Generation attends the meeting.


Mr. Hans show welcome to Mr. Zheng Bin and look forward to the prospect the gas turbine SGT800 in Chinese market. Mr. Hans think that it has already gained a good performance after the cooperation in 2015. SGT-800 will become the first commercial operation gas turbine in China, and both sides will get more market shares after the technology transfer.

Mr. Zheng praises the modernization and normalization of SIEMENS, and gratitude SIEMENS choose HTC as the partner in the distributed energy generation field. Also thanks for the support of the personal training to HTC. Chairman Zheng expect both side can cooperate closely, deeper the cooperation to get more order form in Chinese market.


Both side discuss some leftover problems and sign the technology transfer agreement finally. Finish a one year technology transfer negotiation perfectly. Also start a second period of cooperation, full of the imagination. Meanwhile, Chairman Zheng visit the factory accompanied by Mr. Hans, who also introduce the history, product and technology of the SIEMENS Sweden.

The technology transfer includes the design, procurement, fabrication and completion set of the SGT-800 gas turbine and all of the auxiliary equipment. The localization ratio of the SGT-800 will exceed 50% after the after the technology transfer. Cost and service will become sharp weapon to get more Chinese market. Meanwhile, it provides a model for subsequent cooperation between HTC and SIEMENS. Lay the foundation of the cooperation in SGT-500, SGT-600, SGT700 and SGT750.
To accomplish the technology transfer agreement, Gas Turbine Research Institute, Quality Assurance Office, Customers Service Office, Strategy Development Office, Securities Regulatory Office cooperate together. Get ideas into shape after internal discussion. Make the whole negotiation more efficiently.

“One day, I will be in the waves in full speed, to show my own aspirations. Hanging my sailcloth up, going across the sea, I will achieve my dream.” HTC will get more market by the technology transfer.