HTC is also providing high quality of turbines for Natural gas chemical & coal based chemical. (E.g. Fertilizers, Methanol, coal-to-gas, coal-to-oil, glycol – over 1000 units were supplied in these fields.)

Typical performances: Shenhua Ningmei CTL project, Xinjiang Qinghua CTL project, Yan mining Methanol project, Xinjiang Guanghui Glycol LNG project, Vietnam Ca Mau Chemical fertilizer plant, Iran Peosehsr Methanol project, etc. Among them, Shenhua Ningmei CTL projest is the largest single set of CTL projects in the world, which has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in the equipment localization.


In China, HTC is the biggest corporation in producing industrial steam turbines, which has rich experiences to cooperate with worldwide compressor or pump manufacturers.