Oil Refinery


HTC steam turbine market share rate exceed 80 % for Chinese Oil Refinery market, progressively developing oversea market in recent years.

Zhejiang Petrochemical

Zhejiang Petrochemical 20million tons/year (per single line) integrated refining and petrochemical system, was one of the largest single line oil refinery system in the world.
In this project, HTC produced all 52 steam turbine units, and coordinated with quite a lot of foreign contractors such as Hitachi, ALTLAS, Siemens, York and Kobe Steel). HTC is the most experienced steam turbine manufacturer which is able to coordinate with any major international producers

Kazakhstan PKOP Oil Refinery Plant


Chimkent Oil Refinery modernization restructuring project (PKOP) is the largest oil refinery project contracted and built by CNPC overseas.
And is one of big six major projects of Kazakhstan. All three steam turbines were provided by HTC, including one main boiler fan driver, one wet gas compressor driver, and one STG unit. President of Kazakhstan attended the project commissioning ceremony and had a good opinion of HTC’s products.

In China, HTC is the biggest corporation in producing industrial steam turbines, which has rich experiences to cooperate with worldwide compressor or pump manufacturers.