Gas-steam combined power plant


HTC first Combined Cycle Power Plant used 15 MW steam turbine was supplied for Wuxi Hualu Power Project, cooperating with Pratt & Whitney FT 8 Gas turbine units, since 25 years ago (in 1994).  Subsequently with Combined Cycle Power Plant booming, HTC had cooperation with other gas turbine makers (i.e. Mitsubishi, GE, Siemens) at different power levels.

Up to present, HTC has obtained over 60 Combined Cycle Power Project, including GSL New energy – Kunshan, Iran Persian Gulf Star Oil Company, Iran KAVEH glass group, India SEPL power plant, Myanmar THAKETA Power plant, CETC Changshu 2*100MW Combined Cycle Power Plant.

Myanmar Combined Cycle Power Plant



Myanmar Thaketa Combined Cycle Power Plant is a representative distributed energy supply mode in Southeast Asia. Plant was founded by Myanmar DoE, and the installed capacity was 500MW, which was the core power supply to Yangon city.

One GE 6F03 gas turbine with capacity 70MW and one HTC’s induction condensing steam turbine with capacity 40MW has been installed in this plant. This plan is the highest efficiency and lowest energy consumption gas-steam combined cycle power plant in Myanmar.

Iran KAVEH Combined Cycle Power Plant


Iran KAVEH 100MW Combined Cycle Power Plant is located in Persian Gulf, which is a private station to methanol plant. It provides electricity to plant consumption, and also to where the industrial park. Gas fired boilers and two sets of 50MW induction condensing steam turbines have been installed in this plant.

Because of the extreme weather conditions in the Persian Gulf, in Summer, the condensing water temperature to turbine shall be up to 45 ℃. Depending on advanced material and Design Accuracy of turbine blades, HTC’s steam turbine perfectly completed the high-efficiency & stability operating on extreme cases. HTC becomes a user-trusted steam turbine supplier in Middle East area.

To meet the demands of different clients, HTC cooperates with gas turbine/boiler supplier to produce right steam turbines.