Pengwer Petrochemical PTA project


The 600 thousand tons/year PTA project invested by Chongqing Pengwei chemical Co; ltd is the first PTA project which is completely localization. With superb skill HTC won the contract of 2 sets of low parameter high speed steam turbines.

Finally, with the help of HTC’s high efficiency turbines, the technology of this PTA project reached the international advanced level. After that, HTC becomes the most advanced steam turbine supplier in PTA area.

Indonesia axial exhaust type steam turbine


An axial exhaust type steam turbine helps to save space for workshop, and reduce the project investment cost. HTC’s first axial-exhaust steam turbine generator was used in a private power plant in a PTA project in Indonesia. The rated power output of this STG is 40MW.

Along with rapid development of technology, medium and small axial-exhaust type condensing steam turbine is one of suitable choice for the project which is space limited or fund limited.

High efficiency & stability, HTC produces high efficiency steam turbines in coal-fired power plants in order to help you to find the most economic and safety solutions.