Sugar mill


Sugar mill


Southeast Asia is an important sugar industry base in the world. Up to now, HTC has provided over 15 STG units to sugar mills in Pakistan, and totally over 50 units in the world.
In this industry, how to improve the thermal efficiency as much as possible in the squeezing season, meet the technological needs of sugar mills, in the non-squeezing season, to insure the electric power, and improve economic efficiency has always been the core subject of HTC to research and develop. HTC’s high efficiency and fast assembling type steam turbine is the first choice of global sugar mill clients.

Combined Heat and Power Generation (as known as cogeneration) could provide both power and used steam as heat source for downstream utilities. Based on client demands, HTC could apply our efficient and robust extraction condensing turbine or back pressure turbine to satisfy different clients’ power and heat needs, offering optimized heat efficiency.