Thermal power plant


Indian 150MW steam turbine generator


IND BARATH COAL BASED THERMAL POWER PLANT is located in Tuticorin, India. 2 sets of 150MW double-casing reheat mode steam turbines were produced by HTC.

New equipment and modified technologies were applied on this project in order to increase the turbine efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions. Consider the special site situation, HTC sent two teams of professionals worked in relays to guide the installation and commissioning of STG units. And finally, all operating data reached the design prediction in perfect accord.

Vietnam Cogeneration Project


HTC’s reaction type high efficiency condensing turbine has been widely used in cogeneration field, such as steel mill, cement plant, geothermal generating, etc. The steel mill CDQ generating project in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam (Công ty TNHH Gang Thép Hưng Nghiệp Formosa Hà Tĩnh), is one of the most representative project in Southeast Asia. 

Two sets of 38MW high pressure& temperature condensing steam turbine generator with grand new technology have been used in this project in order to increase the utilization of calorific value and to ensure the energy security and environmental situation.

Binhai Thermoelectricity Plant


Back pressure/extraction back pressure reaction type steam turbine has always been the most competitive product in HTC, and also the core driving force in major high-efficiency cogeneration projects.

Binhai thermoelectricity plant is located in a new industrial park in Shaoxing city, China. This plant is a landmark of China’s energy-saving and emission-reduction plan. 4x50MW reaction type extraction back pressure steam turbines were produced by HTC. After the operating of these four STGs, the plant provides total heating load over 2100tons/hour, and reduces the atmospheric waste 16000tons/year in such area.

High efficiency & stability, HTC produces high efficiency steam turbines in coal-fired power plants in order to help you to find the most economic and safety solutions.